What role does the differential play in the car? How does it work?


A friend asked to see a lot of off-road vehicles, the d […]

A friend asked to see a lot of off-road vehicles, the differential limited slip differential, the differential lock, the three locks. What are the conditions? Let me give you a brief talk today. First of all, let's talk about the differential of the car. This is a mechanism that all cars have. Why do you have this mechanism? Everyone knows that when the car is driving normally, the left and right wheels rotate at the same speed, in case it When there is a turn, the inner side wheel and the outer side wheel have different distances to travel between units, because the radius is different, so the speed difference will occur.

If a rigid shaft is strung with two turns, then the difference in speed will cause one side of the wheel to be towed, which will cause damage to the structure of the car. Then the differential is pressed between the two wheels. In the middle of this axis, it is generally planetary gear type, which is to solve the problem of the difference between the inner wheel and the outer wheel. This time is limited to the detailed structure of time. Let's talk about this concept. So what is the limited slip differential? The limited-slip differential is generally installed on some high-performance sports cars. Everyone knows that they have seen the car or the initial D. When there is a sharp turn in the drift, everyone knows that the car has centrifugal force when you turn. When there is a tendency for one side of the wheel to leave the ground, its adhesion is relatively small, then the limited slip differential is to solve. In this extreme case, it will distribute the torque more, and those who grasp the ground are more realistic. On one side of the wheel, the ratio is generally adjustable.

So what is the differential lock? Everyone knows that the differential lock is mainly used in off-road vehicles. Because of the structure of the differential, if one side of the wheel is suspended, the structure of the differential will make it all. The torque was transmitted to the slippery wheel, and the vehicle was trapped during the idling. The existence of the differential lock is to solve this problem. When the differential lock works in this situation, it will lock the two wheels, which can generate different speeds, and become a rigid shaft. The two wheels are rigidly connected, one side of the wheel does not slip tightly, and the other side of the wheel pastes on the ground level of the ground, it can transmit torque to get the vehicle out of trouble, because the off-road vehicles are generally four-wheel drive.

So what is called a lock two locks and three locks, a lock is generally installed on the drive axle, (on) the drive axle is to solve the situation of getting out of trouble, the common off-road vehicles are two locks It has a central differential. The function of the central differential is to distribute the torque to the front and rear axles. Because the front and rear four-wheel drive front and rear axles can be driven, this central differential lock is the solution to this problem. . For example, we can often see pictures of off-road vehicles, those muddy or stone, some wheels are suspended, then which side of the wheel can not be attached to the ground, it will transmit the torque to the wheel that touches the ground, can send force, three The lock is the most powerful off-road vehicle configuration, the front axle rear axle and the central differential, which are the time when the transfer case is distributed, which means that in the most extreme places, it can provide the most powerful drive. Force, which wheel is passed to which wheel.

However, the use of such a differential lock is strictly limited, and is generally only used in the case of off-road off-road. It has a variety of structures, including a button type with a manual type, and an automatic one, which is limited in space. Lao Hu is not here to say, just need to tell everyone that the differential lock is used only for off-road vehicles, and the three locks are the most powerful. The most common locks for the two locks are the most basic.